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New Year's concert
January 1st
A concert to celebrate the new year together with enthusiasm.

Orobie Film Festival
Cinema Gavazzeni, Seriate BG | Free admission
"Orobie Film Festival | from the mountains of Lombardy to the high lands of the world", an International Festival of mountain documentaries and feature films, a film competition dedicated to the mountains and a
"Tales of the mountains" dedicated to Walter Bonatti.
The Festival aims to promote the mountain environments of the whole planet, i.e. the High Lands of the World, to disseminate knowledge of the environment, the territory, its history, its culture and the people who live there.

The city is the protagonist of a veritable celebration dedicated to man's best friend: an opportunity to spend a day together in the open air and above all to take care of your dog's health, with joy and
The Corridog is open to dogs of all sizes and all breeds, in good health and accompanied by their owners. The route, short and not demanding, makes the event suitable for everyone. Do not miss the setting up of an expo area, a space where dog lovers can find everything about their pets.
It is possible to register, in the departure area, from 09.00 to 10.00. Each participant will be given a bib. The bib number will allow participation in a prize draw at the end of the race. The entire proceeds from the registrations will be donated to the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Bergamo.

Soap Box Rally
The oldest and craziest wooden car race in the world. 
The extravagant wooden cars, built following a historical regulation, dart at full speed along the Walls of the Upper Town: puddles of foam, pools of water, bumps, sand dunes... Intrepid drivers face all sorts of difficulties along the way , while spectators watch with bated breath.
- Speed over obstacles
In the speed test, the wooden racing cars descend at breakneck speed along the Ancient Venetian Walls of Città Alta, starting from Colle Aperto to arrive, after a distance of 1490 meters, near Porta Sant'Agostino. This is followed by the OBSTACLE TRIAL, the most awaited and spectacular moment of the event.
- Tub of water
-Foam tub
-The SOAP BOX RALLY is part of the history of our city.

Orbe Terraqueo
International event dedicated to the Earth's climatic problems. World Earth Day, one month and one day after the vernal equinox, on April 22 of each year, is the moment around which we have chosen to organize
performances and artistic events. Bergamo for an entire week pays attention to the theme of the environment and its sustainability. All the arts are put to work to speak to the urgent need of our planet. The first means of sharing is cinema: Orbe Terracqueo screens short films in the original language, which tell the public how directors from all over the world interpret the problems of climate change.


Concert for Europe
May 9th
Organized as part of Europe Day, organized by the European Commission. The event offers the city of Bergamo a moment of reflection on the theme of Europe and on the reasons for which it was created, starting from the concept of peace.

White Night of Sport

Bergamo turns the spotlight on streets and squares for an initiative that brings the whole city together in the name of sport and entertainment. The most evocative places in the city are the worthy setting for shows, exhibitions, showcases for the most diverse
sports disciplines. The white night of sport is an invitation to all lovers of physical activity to experience an evening of fun, sharing, but also solidarity. Also participating in the event is the Paolo Belli Association - fight against leukemia, which organizes a refreshment area on the Sentierone in Bergamo. A marriage between sport and solidarity that is rooted in the same behavioral model: not giving up in order to achieve the most important victory.
The city becomes a small "sports village" for aspiring or established fencers, martial arts lovers, Caribbean dance enthusiasts and much more. The sporting offers, completely free, are selected with one in mind
heterogeneous target, with the most diverse needs. Attention and care for the little ones, freestyle and dynamism for the kids, get-together activities for families…

European Music Festival
Every year Bergamo is included in the schedule of the European Music Festival. Born in France in 1982, the event has taken on an international character since 1995, involving more than 300 cities of the Old Continent at the same time. Precisely in that year, the coordinators of each of the participating countries signed a common charter of the constitutive principles of the event in Budapest. The main intentions sanctioned by the document focus on the free use of music and the promotion of artists, as well as on collaboration, exchange and support between the various signatory countries of the charter, and on the diffusion of a new performative dimension through music.

Urka! | Busker night Bergamo
The city comes alive with street artists! Proloco Bergamo wishes to spread and enhance street art as a moment of social encounter in urban spaces: every square, corner, street or park becomes an integral part of the show it hosts.
The artistic proposal is imaginative: from aerial acrobatics to tightrope walking, from urban theater to the new circus, from juggling to contemporary dance, from street music to moments for the little ones with installations and interactive animations.

Art Container
In the splendid Romanesque courtyard of San Tomè, in Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo), Art Container takes place, an event dedicated to the main arts: music, dance, painting, cinema, sculpture and poetry. A week of performances with protagonists from the world of culture and art and an exciting schedule.


Corridog - 501 Dalmatians

September 17 

To commemorate National Guide Dog Day, a Corri Dog is organized every April, promoted by the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired.National Guide Dog Day was established for the first time in 2006, with the aim of raising public awareness, institutions and all those who are willing to understand the difficulties that blind people encounter on a daily basis. An important opportunity to show how guide dogs are the eyes of those who live in the dark. The guide dog is a true "free companion", always ready to satisfy the needs of autonomy and mobility of the "master".

Forest Festival

The combination of tourism & culture, combined with environmental enhancement, is the focus of this project which turns its attention to forests and their natural resources. The Festival aims to stimulate knowledge and discovery of the forests of
world. The only European appointment that deals, through cinema, with audiovisual documents that offer the public the opportunity to observe the forests of our planet that silently grow and give life. An initiative born in 2018 within the World Forum on Urban Forest in Mantua, organized by FAO worldwide. Given the validity of the project, we wanted to give continuity by bringing the organization to Bergamo.  The Competition aims to raise public awareness through the language of cinema, making use of the point of view of directors from all over the world .

Concert against violence against women
November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Male Violence against Women: Bergamo commemorates it with an important concert at the PalaCreberg.
The musical event aims to raise public awareness of the problem of gender-based violence, which still afflicts one in three women today. The concert is organized in collaboration with the Women's Council and the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Bergamo, to support the Association for Helping Women – Exiting from violence ONLUS.

Christmas concert
The Christmas period is, par excellence, a moment of sharing, happiness and reflection. The "
Concerto di Natale" permanent appointment for the city of Bergamo, embodies these feelings by combining quality music with a gesture of solidarity.
The event is entirely free and offered to citizens by Proloco Bergamo, with the support of Partners who support the organization. The costs of the event are supported by the Organization and by the Partners of the event, leaving the proceeds of the offers available to the supported Associations.

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