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Bergamo a piedi


A walk to discover Bergamo

Venetian walls

A wonderful opportunity for a walk while admiring the landscape of the lower city, the 4 gates (Sant'Agostino, San Giacomo, Sant'Alessandro and San Lorenzo) as well as the many noble palaces that overlook it.

The bastioned fortification was built at the behest of the Serenissima Republic of Venice between 1561 and 1588, in order to protect the lagoon's borders and merchandise, the result of trade across the Alps from the nearby Duchy of Milan.


The perimeter, intact, having not undergone any war event, reaches almost 6 km in length between bastions, bulwarks, curtains, battlements and gunports. Since 9 July 2017, the Venetian walls have become part of UNESCO, as a World Heritage Site.

Mura Veneziane

Botanical Garden

It can only be reached on foot, along a cobbled staircase of 141 steps. Once you reach the entrance, you can admire a breathtaking panorama, overlooking the roofs and monuments of the Upper Town up to the foothills of the Bergamo Pre-Alps.

The Garden houses over 1,200 types of plants, most of which are located in micro-habitats that reproduce and evoke natural environments.

Orto Botanico Bergamo

Medieval stairways and paths

The "ladders" are an alternative and green way to move from the Lower Town to the Upper Town and vice versa. These are exclusively pedestrian paths, steps and paved with a characteristic cobblestone.


Enchanting and poetic paths, among ancient dry stone walls, fields, terraced vegetable gardens and gardens of beautiful villas. Also suitable for athletes looking for training.

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