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Bergamo Film Commision


Bergamo Film Commission is an association created to promote the creation of films, TV dramas, commercials, documentaries and any other form of audiovisual production in the Bergamo area.


Bergamo Film Commission is the first contact for requests for authorization to film and television. 


Bergamo Film Commission operates within the federal system promoted by Lombardia Film Commission with the aim of enhancing local activities through local services. 


He collaborates in the solution of problems that may arise in the pre-production phase and facilitates the work of the crew during the making of the film. 

It deals with selecting and contracting service companies (scenography, lighting engineering, objects, catering, transport, accommodation) and professionals (actors, directors, authors, screenwriters, composers, make-up artists, set designers) as well as coordinating the activity with subjects who carry out similar or support (theatre schools, theater companies, publishing houses, production houses and distribution houses). 


The Association operates through its own managerial and operational structure, interfacing primarily with the Lombardia Film Commission and with public and private bodies present in the area. 


Its activity helps to increase the visibility of the territory with the aim of promoting the development of local related industries, tourist flows and economic repercussions. 


The Association offers assistance and information relating to: 


• location 

• permits and authorizations

• hospitality 

• local professionals 

• production services.


In collaboration with Lombardia Film Commission

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